Regular Review

Do you regularly publish material, usually on the Web, perhaps as frequently as every day? For example, you might produce daily or weekly newspapers, monthly newsletters or schedules (radio, TV, tides, etc). When your publication is ready to be published at its usual time, Pure English is ready to review that latest edition.

The Regular Review service is designed for text-based material that normally has minimal errors, but for which a thorough independent review of the text is required. Pure English proofreads and edits the published text within an agreed time of being advised of an update, or at a regular time agreed in advance. The word count is calculated separately for each review cycle.

Only text is edited – non-text such as formatting, layout, photographs, illustrations, diagrams and other such elements are not modified in any way. Where a non-text object contains text, the text within the object can be used as the source of text for editing.

To qualify for the Regular Review service, your material must be:

  • For the same publication each review cycle
  • Published at least every three months
  • Published at least three times in the cycle of review and publication.

Independent publications published sequentially do not qualify for this service.